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Information To Help You Decipher Personal Injury Law New April 16, 2015

Facing a situation where you have been in an accident where you were personal injury, something that may have been the fault of another, protecting your rights is of utmost importance, something that you will not be able to do on your own. Requiring the expertise of a lawyer that specializes in personal injury law may be the only way that you will be able to receive some type of settlement or restitution for what has happened to you, requiring you to retain their services at some point in time. However, before doing so, it’s a good idea to have a little bit of information about what personal injury law is. This will serve as a guide, a personal injury Law 101 overview, so that you can know what to expect to some degree in regard to the situation you are facing right now.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

The personal injury law is a specific branch of the law that deals with a wide range of issues. If you have been harmed in some way, either emotionally or physically, or if you have had personal property damaged as a result of the incident, this is where you will need one of these lawyers. The St. Louis personal injury lawyers at Medler Law Firm agree that it’s critical to refer to this particular branch of the law as tort law, using the French word tort which means wrong or wrongdoing. The focus of this particular type of law is to offer some type of compensation where you, or personal property that you own, has been damaged in some way due to intentional misconduct on their part, recklessness or simply carelessness of the person that has caused the problems to occur. An example of where tort law is used most often is where someone is in an automobile accident. This is a classic example, where someone hits you from behind at a red light, and you are injured in the process. More specifically, the word wrongdoing is not tort, but is actually tortfeasor. Therefore, anyone that has caused the accident to occur, where you have been injured, is legally referred to as the tortfeasor.

State And Federal Tort Law

Sometimes it is better to learn by example, and we have already presented a car accident as one area where personal injury law must be addressed. When a plaintiff, the person that is harmed, also called a claimant, files a lawsuit, the defendant can retain a lawyer to defend them. State law usually applies, though federal law can intervene in cases that go far beyond the norm. An example of this would be the Federal Tort Claims Act which will always be referenced if the injuries sustained involve international treaties or federal property where the plaintiff was injured. This is especially common with airliner crashes, or any type of incident that may happen overseas. You also have to realize that, in most cases, a physical injury must occur for you to have the highest possible chance of receiving some type of compensation for damages done. Some of the most difficult cases involve those where people are claiming to have emotional duress. This is subjective in most cases, and without extensive psychological reviews, along with medical reports and scans to show that actual changes have occurred in the brain, a settlement is not going to happen.

Understanding Who Is Responsible

The person that is responsible for the incident that has occurred where the plaintiff has been injured is considered to be liable for damages that have occurred, and the settlement that must be paid. When you hear of class action lawsuits in which teams of lawyers will go after large corporations where hundreds of employees have been affected, such as how those in the asbestos industry have been afflicted by mesothelioma, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements, the lawyers were able to determine that a physical malady had occurred and that the responsible party, the one that was liable, was their employer. There are also three different categories in personal injury law that can be used to look at what are called degrees of fault. These include negligence, intentional torts and strict liability towards. Each category has different attributes of what is considered to be a legal wrong. Each cause of action will lead to a specific standard of care that will be addressed for each incident, and appropriate settlements will be made.

Finding A Personal Injury Lawyer Or Law Firm

Now that you have a basic idea of how personal injury law works, you should understand what parameters that you should be considering when retaining one of these attorneys. Their goal is to look at the evidence that you have, preserve the evidence, and begin to investigate the said incident as quickly as possible. Once they have gathered as much information as they can, and they deem the case worthy of their attention, they will file a lawsuit, preferably before the statute of limitations is ended. Once it goes beyond that point, there is nothing that you can do, so if you have been injured recently, or even in the last several years but have done nothing about it, you can still find personal injury attorneys to speak to to find out exactly where you stand and whether or not you have a case. Hiring one of these attorneys is called retaining an attorney, and it’s good to use one that has a good reputation in your city or county.

The more cases that they have done, the more likely it is that they will have the experience necessary to present evidence to the judge that will be in your favor, allowing you to receive common station for what has occurred to you. Law firms that specialize in tort law are easy to find online, in the phone book, or by getting a personal recommendation from someone that has also gone through a similar situation. If you are comfortable with the competency and personality of one of the lawyers that you meet with, retain them as soon as possible so they can start work right away and potentially help you receive compensation in the form of a settlement.

Now that you have a better idea of what personal injury law is, if you are looking at retaining a lawyer that handles tort law, you will know exactly what to do and expect. The sooner that you act, the more likely it will be that, if your case truly does have merit, you can find a way to reach a settlement to compensate you for the injuries that you have endured.

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Law News In Different States

There numerous law news emerging from all the states of America. This article looks at the latest exciting news emerging from different states. The focus is on Washington, California, Boston New Orleans and Omaha.


In Washington, it has been reported that the Supreme Court will not hear an appeal from form manufacturers that challenges the class action lawsuit that has been filed. In another case, the state is under pressure to formulate a law to curb some criminal laws that are thought to be too vague.

In another development, the Supreme Court is set to hear an appeal in a case in which a police officer in Baltimore city was convicted for extortion and conspiracy to commit extortion.

In Omaha, a federal court has blocked Nebraska’s gay marriage ban. This ban is expected to take effect after a week. However, the state is preparing to launch an appeal to challenge the ruling.

In London, prosecutors have charged 10 men who have abused girls as young as 13 years. The case has also stirred racial tension in northwestern England.

In another development health law opponents face a challenge in persuading the Supreme Court to abolish insurance subsidies. It is argued that by doing so, it will put the law at odd with the health care decisions made three years ago.

From Brazil, the decision by a judge that almost suspended Facebook Inc’s whatsapp has caused concerns for web firms in the current market.

In the US, the 1998 US embassy bombing case are open progress with Olsen-Clancy playing a leading role in ensuring that the witnesses avail themselves to testify in trials related terrorism.


The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from same sex marriage opponents in California who pursued a case meant to help them keep identities of their campaign donors’ secret.

Still in California, a family has sued the a county for a man who committed suicide because of the standoff with police officers outside his home. The family has sued for federal civil rights against Sonama County . In the suit, it is alleged that the authority violated Glenn Swindell’s constitutional rights to bear arms and free speech. The authority failed to protect the man against unreasonable seizure and search bust instead engaged in unwarranted military style assault which forced the man to take his own life. The law enforcement officers lobed a teargas in the house, broke the window at the front of the house only to find Swindell dead body in the house.
The family said that the police were overzealous and that the diseased had been reading a bill of right at the time the police invaded his home. His wife claimed that she had found the document he had been reading and this is what must have compelled him to commit suicide.

New Orleans
In New Orleans, a judge has authorized that three lawyers be stopped from involving themselves in claims against BP following the oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. The judge said that Trio Lionel Sutton III, Glen Learner and Jonathan Andry acted unethically by coordinating and attempting to expedite payment of claims for their clients. In this case, the judge did not find evidence to prove that they succeeded in expediting payment. It was alleged that Louis Freeh who was appointed a special master received kickbacks to the tune of $40,000 meant for speeding up the payments.

In his ruling, the judge said that Andry and Lerner were not supposed to receive payments for handling BP claims. He ordered the complaints to be filed with disciplinary authority in Nevada and Louisiana.


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