Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass

Thrown Under the Bus


A book that begs the question: Is the American Dream ours for the taking – or can it just be taken away?


Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker is THE quintessential American Dream-turned-American Nightmare story. It is testament to the utter and total incompetence that is the business of American government, namely how it can so cavalierly take from you all that you worked to achieve and all upon which your dreams for a successful life are predicated. Thrown Under The Bus is a story that will make blood shoot out of your eyes!

Author Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass is a super-determined woman on a mission who decided she wasn’t going to take anyone’s nonsense any longer when her employer decided to try to rape her of the American dream. Once a doormat who got crapped on by just about everyone, it was her mean-spirited governmental employer who pushed her to the edge and almost over. At 29, her career was cut short after having made the transition from the private to the public sector only 4 years prior. At the time, she believed that being a public servant was noble. But she was as idealistic and naive as she was smart. What she didn’t know, what it took getting the idealistic crud kicked out of her to learn, was that justice is but a concept, and not the panacea most of us are led to believe it is. Despite winning a federal lawsuit in 1997, she lost everything to a judo-political system gone totally awry. She came out the other side of nearly 2 decades of mental illness and despair ready to warn others of the pitfalls of workplace litigation and politics that prevail.

Thrown appeals to all ages from mature teen on up. It is gender neutral. Both women as well as men have done hand flips over it! It is a great triumph over tragedy story for those who like them, but it is a also survival guide for so many downtrodden workers who are bullied out of their jobs every day who don’t know where to turn or what to do next. Folks are crawling out of the woodwork to scoop up a copy of this one-of-a-kind real life read. Workplace bullying is a growing American epidemic borne out not just of incivility but also very much out of the disappearance of private sector jobs and the mass increase in government ones. Unless you want to become a statistic, unless you want to be a commie robot with your future held over the barrel of ‘the system’, do yourself a favor and read this book, the book that begs the question: Is the American Dream ours for the taking – or can it just be taken away?

Read ‘Thrown’ and make the author’s pain your gain. Read it — and be warned.